Supporting local sales representatives

Retail trade

Solutions offered by Lumar Poland such as devices intened for retail trade sector and our partners’ IT systems are just tools supporting realisation of certain processes. Usually they do not function separately but in common with outer cash register, warehouse and loyality systems. Thanks to them it is possibile to manage information successfully in such fields as supplies, marketing, pricing policy or loyality programmes.

Applying technology of automatical veryfication (RTLS, RFID baecode) guarantees significant quickening realisation of certain processes and mistakes’ elimination.

These are some adventages of implementation our devices:

  • quick goods’ stocktaking for choosen areas: the whole shop, warehouse, department or range – goods shortages’ registration, generating information about delivering goods
  • easy acces to information about products (price, name, competition prices, stastictics) supporting decision-making processes (choice of range, pricing policy)
  • veryfication if products are proprely marked (veryfication of price, name, labels’ reprint on the shelves)
  • picking products for direct delivery
    Relieving lines by mobile staff
  • information for clients (price, description of products, current offers, information about loyality programme