Efficient and qiuck control

Public transport

Comprehensiveness of Lumar Poland mobile terminals makes them be used also in public transport. Thanks to additional modules such as SAM and NFC, terminals serve public transport tickets or digital tickets. Efficient barcode and QR code readers allow to control traditional tickets or cards for students and the disabled. Our partners develope and create systems for logistics, transport management and road traffic. A perfect mobile terminal which performs well while travellers’ service is Lumar One and Lumar One Plus. Thanks to their tight structure, fall resilience chassis and tough screen they can easily cope with the difficulties connected with travellers’ service in public transport. Big battery and possibility to assembly a charging stadion in a vehicle render an operator carefree about charging the battery.

Thanks to a butli-in printer in Lumar One Plus there is a possibility to print a ticket, travel bill, workers’ shift settlement or payment request in case of a lack of a ticket.