Production management is more effective now

Production management

The main task of WMS warehouse management system is an improvement of processes’ production capabilty only because of better usage of already owned resources. Information concernig the time, amount or quality of produced makings introduce you in what degree the current production capabilty is used. The interpretation of these datas enables you to take the most optimal decisions and to plan production orders in the same way to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of work
  • Decrease costs
  • Shorten the production cycle
  • Eliminate unwanted stoppages
  • Increase the accessibility of machines
  • Improve the quality of production and
  • Increase productivity of machinery

In practice, the effects can be gained thakns to the cooperation between the management and operators responsible for proper processes. MES software because of its integration with end devices, such as our collectors, improves communication not only on the line man – machine but also between workers.

Concerning MES systems, Lumar Poloand collectors as end devices, enable communications with a server.