The software of WMS warehouse management system in your company

Warehouse management

Lumar Poland collectors increases the security of running your business by a significant growth of the colntol over the logistics processes or stock availability and thanks to making the control of theses processes independent from experienced workers.

Our devices enable precise and real control over warehouse shortages, the amount of products which empire rapidly and also locate products in your warehouse with the possibility of visualisation of the whole warehouse.

We can integrate our devices with WMS warehouse management system which can minimise the chance of misuse or theft as warehouse workers who pick orders do not know end consumers. These datas are available only to a managers who serve desktop application.

Lumar Poland collectors quarantee steady and stable service of all logistics processes in your warehouse that enables multi-shift work 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

The basic functionality realised by warehouse management systems joined with our collectors is a service of typical logistics processes like:

  • Receiving
  • Giving products out
  • Reloading
  • Breaking bulk
  • Returns’ service
  • Optimalisation of the company’s processes and proper usage of warehouse space
  • Products’ tracking in the process of delivery
  • Stoctaking